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We would like to share our passion of crafting new and interesting cocktails by providing you with the best quality ingredients to unlock the full range of flavors. At the Bitters Club we create our products with a portion of fresh produce, which is sourced at a local farmers market. Our Do-it-yourself (DIY) product line follows the same philosophy, ensuring what you create at home will be just as high in quality. Join the bitters club and start crafting today!



We have received a lot inquiries and questions about good resources for crafting your own bitters, so we decided to put together a list of books we use as inspiration.

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Angostura Aromatic Bitters Substitute

Angostura Aromatic Bitters Substitute

Finding a replacement or substitute for angostura bitters can often be very tricky. There are a lot of options to choose from and it can be difficult to depict which one will give you a similar flavor replacement. Learn about some options for substituting Angostura bitters.

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Bitters Club Products

  • Cocktail Bitters

    With the final cocktail experience in mind, we craft our bitters to not overpower, but bring balance and complexity. Each flavor of bitters is sculpted to compliment a specific spirits and range of cocktails. Our bitters are also great for non-alcoholic mocktails.

  • DIY Bitters Kits

    We know people like to break the rules and do things their own way, so we decided to help. We offer cost effective DIY Bitters Spice Blends and DIY Bitters Kits to help all DIY'ers accomplish their mission. Each bitters flavor comes with a unique recipe that can be customized.

  • Syrups & Cocktail Accessories

    We offer a range of unique cocktail ingredients made from natural fruits, spices and herbs. We take the small batch approach to ensure we help elevate each and every cocktail experience.

Drinking a Cocktail should be an experience

Bitters Club Services

  • Custom Bitters Recipes

    We understand that certain bars and cocktail lounges make their own bitters, and The Bitters Club is here to help. We love collaborating with bartenders to come up with custom recipes to craft unique and one of a kind cocktails.

  • Bitters Workshops

    We love to share the craft of making your own bitters, especially the part where you get to drink it in a cocktail. We host and plan DIY Bitters Workshops for private events or fundraisers. Contact us today for a fun and interactive activity.

  • Bitters Formulation & Manufacturing

    Our team is here to help you get your non-beverage products to market. We can help with everything from testing your alcohol % to getting your bitters formula approved by the TTB and manufactured. The Bitters Club is here to help you be successful!

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Wait What Are Bitters?

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Bitters is nothing more than a liquid spice for drinks. Each drop brings a little bit of flavor and complexity to whatever you are drinking. It can also be added to food. Bitters are made from herbs, spices and fruits, by using either alcohol or glycerin to extract the flavors . Adding it to a cocktail brings a level of complexity and additional flavor by imparting spicy, umami, sweet, sour or bitter flavors. 

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