Feast Native visits Bitters Club

Feast Native talks bitters and fancy cocktails with Bitters Club

We invited Matt Boness from Feast Native to spend some time at the Bitters Club kitchen in New Franklin MO. Feast Native is a local food blog run by Matt and Cassie Boness that focuses on the people behind local food and drinks. Their focus  is to take you into the kitchen, onto the farm, and into the minds of the people who are passionate about bringing you great tasting local food and cocktails. 

When Matt arrived in New Franklin, we were in the middle of bottling our first batch of Floral Cocktail Bitters. We gave Matt an overview of the entire process of how we make our bitters, which takes a little more than 3 weeks. We also took some time to share our passion for helping bartenders craft better cocktails and the reason we started this business in the first place. Matt was kind enough to also share their passion and vision behind Feast Native and the exciting things they have in store on the horizon.

Read more about Feast Native and Matt's experience at the Bitters Club below: https://www.feastnative.com/blog/2018/7/8/bitters-club

The Bitters Club Team


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