Bitters Club Sour

Bitters Club Sour

Bitters Club Sour

This cocktail puts the bitters up front and personal, depicting the complexity of our aromatic bitters. This recipe creates a unique cocktail that will make your senses tingle.

The Formula


 0.5 oz fresh no pulp Orange Juice

 0.5 oz fresh Lemon Juice


 1 oz Simple Syrup

 1 egg white

 0.5 oz The Bitters Club Aromatic




 Dried orange wheel


Dry shake the fresh squeezed orange and lemon juice and egg white in a cocktail shaker for 20 seconds. Then add ice, TBC Aromatic Bitters and simple syrup. Shake until the shaker is too cold to hold, and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a dried orange wheel and serve.


Serving Size: 1


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