About Bitters Club

Who We Are

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The Bitters Club is a company based in New Franklin Missouri that produces high quality bitters, cocktail mixers and unique syrups. We also offer a product line of Do It Yourself (DIY) bitters kits and DIY bitters spice blends. We are dedicated to providing products and services that will add enrichment and uniqueness to any cocktail and culinary experience. We create our products with the end result in mind, helping our customers expand their personal brand and sculpt a unique experience. We strive to provide the best quality products for all enthusiastic and passionate DIY’ers, top end bars, restaurants, and distilleries. 

We are proud members of the greater Mizzou and Columbia MO community. You can often find us at various events in both Boone and Howard county. Look for our bitters products at your local bar and restaurants.


Our Journey

Our passion for bitters started after exploring the night life in numerous big cities around the world and having the pleasure of watching talented mixologists sculpt unique drinking experiences. After multiple failed attempts to re-create their master pieces at home, we embarked on a journey to learn more about what it takes to make a great cocktail. Along the way we learned the building blocks for constructing a cocktail, and the importance of good quality ingredients. We started infusing alcohol with various fresh and dried ingredients and using them in cocktail and food recipes. We wanted to understand how to create a specific drinking and eating experience by imparting spicy, umami, sweet and bitters flavors into a recipe. Join us as we share what we have learned, and help explore the boundaries of flavor pairings, mixology and gastronomy.


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