The Angostura Bitters Replacement & Alternative


Angostura Aromatic Bitters

Angostura is a well known brand around the world that has truly sculpted the way for the bitters industry. Their flagship Angostura Aromatic Bitters can almost be found in every country. Without fail if you find yourself in a foreign country wanting bitters in your drink, all you have to say is Angostura. But what if you what to find an Angostura replacement or alternative? We have just the aromatic bitter that will do the trick!

We spoke to a lot of customers who are looking for a local and USA made alternative or replacement to angostura. Two things came to light; flavor and the price point. Customers want an aromatic bitters that is reasonably priced, but that provides more flavor and complexity than whats currently available. Here at the Bitters Club we decided to take on that challenge and make an Aromatic Bitter that is packed full of bold flavors and but be just as versatile and balanced. Our focus was to create dynamic bitter that unlocks in the glass as the drink is diluted. Just because you let the ice melt a little bit doesn't mean your drinking experience should diminish either. 

With a final ABV of 60%, we crafted our aromatic using a smooth blend of 4 different alcohols that is layered with 26 different 100% natural herbs, spices and fruits. On the nose this bitter will have notes of sweet cinnamon bourbon spice with a subtle anise finish. On the palate it starts sweet and light bodied then transitions to being bitter with a spicy kick.

Give it a try and let us know if our Aromatic Bitters is truly an Angostura Bitters Replacement or alternative. We promise you wont be disappointed.

Bitters Club Natural Aromatic Bitters