Bitters Club Aromatic Bitters

What is an Aromatic Bitter?

Technically speaking all bitters have an aromatic component to them, but only certain ones stand out above the rest and can truly be called aromatic. What makes a bitter aromatic comes down to how volatile the extracted oils are from spices and herbs used in the recipe. A good aromatic bitter will give off a distinguished aroma that makes it difficult to parse out individual components. Typically you will be able to pick out one or two flavor components, but the rest mold into one unified aroma.

Bitters Club Aromatic Bitters

We decided to take angostura aromatic bitters head-on and create a high quality Aromatic Bitters that is versatile and well balanced. We packed our recipe full of volatile components that will truly unlock when added to any cocktail. We highly recommend using our aromatic bitters in an Old Fashioned and Manhattan cocktail. Visit our cocktail recipes page for cocktail ideas.

To create our Aromatic Bitters, we first built the base using a smooth blend of 4 different alcohols, and then identified 26 different 100% natural herbs, spices and fruits that will build a balanced profile. The end result has notes of sweet cinnamon bourbon spice that opens up to a subtle anise finish on the nose. On the palette it will be light bodied and sweet and transition to a bitter spicy kick. Visit our online store to see the full product description. 

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