Bitters Club Natural Aromatic Bitters

Robust and Flavourful Aromatic Bitters

Robust and Flavourful Aromatic Bitters

When we set out to craft the ultimate Old Fashioned and Manhattan cocktail, we found that most aromatic bitters on the market just didn't have the depth and flavor we were looking for. They all diluted away in the cocktail. So we decided to make our own.

We built our aromatic with only natural herbs, spices and fruit. Making a great cocktail starts with using high quality ingredients, the same goes for your bitters. Don't settle for anything less.

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Wait What Are Bitters?

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Bitters is nothing more than a liquid spice for drinks. Each drop brings a little bit of flavor and complexity to whatever you are drinking. It can also be added to food. Bitters are made from herbs, spices and fruits, by using either alcohol or glycerin to extract the flavors . Adding it to a cocktail brings a level of complexity and additional flavor by imparting spicy, umami, sweet, sour or bitter flavors. 

Pairs Well with Whiskey or Bourbon

Pairs Well with Whiskey or Bourbon

When we made our aromatic bitters, we specifically created it to pair well with whiskey or bourbon based cocktails. Our bitters gives you more flavor per dash than any other aromatic bitters on the market.

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What Makes Our Aromatic Bitters Different?

  • Bar Tender Tested and Feedback

    Bar Tender Tested and Feedback

    To ensure we created a bitter that was above the rest, we worked with bar tenders across the country. We received feedback and input on each recipe version we created. What you see today is the end result, a bitters made for bar tenders.

  • We use 4 different alcohols

    We use 4 different alcohols

    Our aromatic bitter uses 4 different alcohols. Most of the competitors only use 1 or 2. We add Bourbon, Brandy, All Grain Spirit and Gin, to ensure our bitters compliments and enhances each and every cocktail you make.

  • We use 26 natural spices, herbs and fruits

    We use 26 natural spices, herbs and fruits

    The flavor and complexity of our aromatic bitters comes from our proprietary blend of 26 different spices, herbs and fruits. We chose each ingredient carefully, making sure each one compliments the next.

Drinking a Cocktail should be an experience

How do I use Aromatic Bitters?

Add 1 to 2 dashes of aromatic bitters to your favourite whiskey or bourbon cocktails. It's also great with sparkling water or club soda before and after meals.

1 Dash = 1 Bottle Shake

Our Aromatic Cocktail Bitters goes great with these cocktails:

Old Fashioned


Whiskey Sour

Champagne Cocktail

Tidy/Hot Toddy


Dark and Stormy

Cuba Libre

Mint Julep

Angostura Fizz (Angostura replacement)

Brandy Crusta

Corn ʻnʼ Oil

Horseʼs Neck

East India Cocktail

Fourth Regiment Cocktail

Harvard Cocktail

Japanese Cocktail

Jersey Cocktail

Martinez Cocktail

Pisco Sour

Rob Roy


Seelbach Cocktail

Remember the Maine


    Our Bitters are made in New Franklin Missouri

    We are a bitters and cocktail company based out of New Franklin Missouri. You can find us at the local farmers market and Hy-vee!

    Our Bitters are made in New Franklin Missouri


    Are all aromatic bitters the same?

    No, each aromatic bitter is made from a very specific blend of ingredients. Each type or brand will alter the taste of your drink a bit differently. The best way to know the difference is to give each one a try.

    How long does bitters last?

    The answer to this question depends on how much you drink, but a 5 fl. oz of bitters can easily last 3 months or more.

    Will adding bitters to my cocktail make it bitter?

    Only if you add too much. If used correctly (adding 1 to 2 dashes) it will only enhance the flavor of your cocktail, without making it bitter.

    I still don't get it, what is the point to bitters?

    Bitters is just another ingredient you can use for crafting cocktails or even food dishes. Bartenders use it to create a unique cocktail that the drinker has never had before and will hopefully love. It's not for everyone, and thats ok. We all have our own taste.

    What is with all the different flavors of bitters?

    With Aromatic Bitters being the original and the baseline, each flavor is meant to bring a unique flavor to the cocktail or food dish. Use them as you would use the different spices in your cabinet, except in liquid form.

    I already have another bottle of bitters, why should I get yours?

    Most people already have a bottle of Angostura Bitters or Peychaud's Bitters, so we understand. But not all bitters are made equal. Each one gives you a different flavor profile. Try ours to see how you think it stacks up.

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