How to use our Bitters Club Spice Blends

Here at the bitters club we believe that everyone should experience the joy of crafting their own bitters. We would like to show you how easy and fun the process is, especially the part that involves creating new variations of your favourite cocktail and sharing them with your family and friends. We will go over every step of the process as well as provide you with any useful tips or information. Have fun crafting!

Steps For DIY Bitters

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Things You Will Need

Before we start the process, there are a couple of items that will be needed. Having the right tools will make this process a breeze. We offer a DIY kit that contains all of the needed equipment used in the 4 step process. You can purchase one of our DIY Bitters Equipment kits and bitters spice blends to have everything you need. Join our mailing list for updates on new flavors and seasonal specials!

Equipment Needed:

  • (1) 16oz mason jar
  • Cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer
  • Small funnel
  • (2-4)  2oz dropper bottles

Ingredients Needed:

  • (1) Bitters Club Spice Blend (various flavors)
  • 4oz High Proof Vodka or All Grain Spirit
  • 4oz of High proof flavouring spirits according to recipe on the back of bitters spice blend packet
  • Fresh produce according to recipe on the back of bitters spice blend packet
  • Simple Syrup or any other sweetener you desire
DIY Step 1 Small

Step 1

 Add Spice Blend and other fresh ingredients to infusion jar.

During this step we will be creating the base for the bitters. The spice blend and fresh ingredients that are used will depend on what type of bitter is desired. Each one of our spice blends comes with instructions and recommendations on what fresh ingredients to add. This is the part where we get to be creative and create endless variations and add a personal touch to the recipe. 

Step 1 Directions:

  1. Add the contents of the Bitters Club Spice Blend pouch to the infusion jar
  2. Add any other fresh ingredients you desire

Below are some examples of base variations that can be created:

Examples for more spicy bitter bases:

Bitters Club Blend: Fresh Ingredients:
Lime Spice Blend Zest of 2 limes and 1-2 Fresh Habanero Chiles chopped
Aromatic Spice Blend 1 Fresh Jalapeño chopped


Examples for more citrus bitter bases:

Bitters Club Blend: Fresh Ingredients:
Chile Spice Blend Zest of 1 Lemon and 1 Grapefruit
Aromatic Spice Blend Zest of 2 Oranges


    Examples for more botanical bases:

    Bitters Club Blend:  Fresh Ingredients:
    Herbal Spice Blend 4oz. Chopped Rosemary + Zest of 2 Oranges
    Lime Spice Blend 1 Bunch Cilantro chopped + Zest of 2 Limes


    DIY Tip: Quality matters when adding fresh ingredients, it's recommended to only add ingredients that are fresh and in grade A condition.

    DIY Tip: When adding fresh herbs or produce, make sure to wash them thoroughly and gently before chopping and adding to jar. 


      DIY Step 2 Small

      Step 2

      Add spirits and simple syrup to infusion jar.

      During this step we will be adding the liquid that will extract the flavors from the ingredients in the jar. The higher the alcohol content in the spirit, the better the flavor extraction will be for the bitter. We recommend to always try and use a spirit that contains at least 40% alcohol (80 Proof) or higher. To get the maximum amount of flavor extraction we recommend a spirit that contains 95% alcohol (190 Proof).

      The type of spirit and sweet syrup that gets added will depend on what the desired use is for the bitter. Adding a bourbon will add complexities that go well with whiskey based cocktails. Adding a tequila spirit will add complexities that go well with tequila or vodka based cocktails.

      Each one of our spice blends comes with instructions and recommendations on what spirit and simple syrup to add. This is another step where we get to be creative and create endless variations for the base we put together in step 1.

      Step 2 Directions:

      1. Add spirits to infusion jar
      2. Add simple syrup to infusion jar
      3. Close jar lid and shake for a good 15 seconds to combine contents

      Below are some examples of spirits and simple syrup variations:

      Example Spirit and Simple Syrup variations:

      Bitters Club Blend: Spirits: Simple Syrup:
      Lime Spice Blend 1 cup Vodka + 1/2 cup Rum 4 tablespoons Turbinado Syrup
      Lime Spice Blend 1 cup Vodka + 1/2 cup Gin 4 tablespoons Agave Syrup
      Aromatic Spice Blend 1/2 cup Vodka + 1 cup Rye Whiskey 2 tablespoons Sugar Cane Syrup
      Aromatic Spice Blend 1/2 cup Vodka + 1 cup Rum 2 tablespoons Turbinado Syrup
      Chile Spice Blend 1 1/4 cup Vodka + 3/4 cup Mezcal 4 table spoons Sugar Cane Syrup
      Chile Spice Blend 1 1/4 cup Vodka + 3/4 cup Scotch 4 tablespoons Agave Syrup


      DIY Step 3 Small

      Step 3

      Store jar at room temp. and let mixture steep for 21 days. Shake every other day.

      The alcohol will need some time to extract all the wonderful flavors that you added to the infusion jar. Make sure to shake the jar every other day and the jar can be opened every 5 days for a smell test (see DIY tip below). Once 21 days have passed, it's recommended to taste the mixture to ensure it has the intended flavor. Don't be afraid to let it sit for more that 21 days if needed.

      Step 3 Directions:

      1. Store infusion jar in a cool dark place
      2. Shake jar every other day
      3. Let the mixture steep for 21 days or more as needed

      DIY Tip: If the jar smells strongly of alcohol, the mixture needs to steep longer. You will notice the smell change over time.

      DIY Tip: A quick way to taste the mixture is to shake the jar first then dip the tip of your finger into the mixture and taste. 


      DIY Step 4 Small

      Step 4

      Strain contents of infusion jar through a cheese cloth into dropper bottles.

      After the bitter has steeped for at least 21 days and we are satisfied with both the flavor and smell, it is ready to be placed in dropper bottles. Since the mixture contains a high amount of alcohol and concentrated flavors, a dropper is used to control the amount that is added to a cocktail recipe. For this step we recommend using a cheese cloth instead of a stainless steel strainer. The cloth gives us the ability to squeeze any last liquid out of the solids and sediment. 

      Step 4 Directions:

      1. Place funnel into another container such as a cocktail shaker or second jar
      2. Place cheese cloth into funnel
      3. Pour liquid from infusion jar through the cheese cloth into the funnel
      4. Let solids fall into cheese cloth and squeeze out any last liquid
      5. Rinse out infusion jar of any sediment and pour liquid back in
      6. Fill dropper bottles using funnel
      7. Cap dropper bottle and make a cocktail
      8. Store Bitters in a cool place away from direct sunlight

      DIY Tip: Removing the solids before filling the dropper bottles will make the flavors in each dropper bottle more consistent. Leaving a 1/2 inch of headspace in dropper bottle will prevent overflowing when placing dropper back into bottle.

      DIY Tip: Left over Bitters can be stored for an indefinite amount of time in a cool dark place.

      How to Use Bitters