Lavender Amaro Syrup 8 fl. oz.

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We took the concept of an Amaro, which is typically used as a digestif after a heavy meal, and turned it into a versatile syrup. The Lavender Amaro syrup allows you to add your own vodka or gin to create both an aperitif or digestif, or just add sparkling water to get the same affect without the alcohol. Its a nice addition to various gin and vodka based cocktail as well.

Our Lavender Amaro syrup provides sweet lavender and rose tasting notes upfront that transitions into a subtle bitterness on the back on the tongue. The herbs and spices used in the syrup are known to prepare the stomach for digestion.

Product Details

Bottle Size: 8 fl oz. (136.5ml.)
Color: Dark purple, almost black
ABV: 0% alcohol by volume
Nose: Sweet lavender rose
Palette: Sweet lavender floral notes with a bitter undertone
Ingredients: water, cane sugar, gentian, lavender, herbs and spices, sodium benzoate (for freshness), citric acid.