Smoked Orange Cocktail Mixer, 8 fl. oz.

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Orange peel is one of those ingredients that pairs well with almost any spirit. Whiskey is always our go-to, but we found that on a warm summer day, it goes great with white rum or vodka.  We decided to create an orange mixer that makes a light and refreshing smokey orange cocktail for those hot summer days.

Our Smoked Orange cocktail drink mixer gives you a smooth and balanced orange flavor to enjoy with your favorite white rum, vodka or whiskey. Using honey as the sweetener, this mixer creates a cocktail that gives you a refreshing orange flavor and a light smokey undertone.

Product Details

Bottle Size: 8 fl oz. (136.5ml.)
Color: Light orange brown
ABV: 0% alcohol by volume
Nose: Sweet and smokey orange
Palette: Sweet orange honey with hickory smokey undertones
Ingredients: water, honey, orange peel, natural hickory smoke flavor, molasses, caramel color, herbs and spices, citric acid.

How to Make a Smokey Orange:

Mix 2 parts rum, vodka or whiskey with 1 part Smoked Orange cocktail mixer over ice. Stir to combine for 30 seconds then garnish with a strip of orange zest and serve. Top off with club soda for extra refreshment. Use 2 parts Smoked Orange cocktail mixer for a sweeter cocktail.

*1 part = 1 fl. oz

Made in USA